Western Electric

SpeakerPhone 55D Control Unit


Control Unit SpeakerPhone

55D SpeakerphoneControl Unit SpeakerPhone
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Bell System Property


SpeakerPhone System 3-Type 660A1 Telephone Set Connections and Maintenance
Section 512-620-460
Issue 3, November 1970

SpeakerPhone System 3-Type
Section 512-620-100
Issue 7, October 1978

SpeakerPhone System 3-Type
565-, 1565-, And 2565-Type Telephone Sets
Section 512-620-420
Issue 4, April 1974

SpeakerPhone System 3-Type
568HAA And 2568HAA Telephone Sets
Section 512-620-430
Issue 2, April 1974

SpeakerPhone System 3-Type
500R/S, 1500S, And 2500S Telephone Set
Section 512-620-410
Issue 3, December 1972

Bell System
Bell Labs


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